Knitted bow take two: moss stitch

So I think we’ll all agree that my first attempt at a knitted bow was a little… floppy? Yuh. OK, let’s pretend we never saw that (and we’ll quietly fume and blame the evil crochet anyway). While I’m a crocheter-in-training, let’s continue with another knitted bow, this time modified a little and in moss stitch, for extra sturdiness. Much better… Also, apologies for my chipped nails. Promise to be fully mani’d next time. Ahem.

Knit, purl, knit, purl… etc

I used aran yarn and size 6mm (UK 4, US 10) needles
Cast on 37 stitches (more if you want your bow to be wider, but this may make it floppier).
Row 1: Moss stitch (k1, p1) to end.
Row 2: Moss stitch (k1, p1) to end.
Continue for eight rows (again more if you want a bigger bow) then cast off, and sew in your ends. You should be left with a rectangle of moss stitch.

Moss stitched rectangle

Create a loop and sew.


Looped. Again…

Now wind some yarn around the middle, pulling tightly to cinch in the bow. Knot at the back.

Yay, done! Easiest knitted bow ever

Attach a hair clip (or brooch pin) and you’re done 😀


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