Knitted bow ring

knitted bow ring1

knitted bow ring 2

Remember my knitted bow I did a while ago? Meet its young sibling, the knitted bow ring – gifted this xmas to my BFF, Amy (who is also modelling it above). Nice huh? It’s basically a long thin (I think I cast on four or five stitches) strip of stocking stitch, folded over and with the yarn wound around the middle as usual. Then hot glue gun (or tie) onto a ring back and you’re done. Cute huh?


Tweed bow necklace

Gathered by Mollie Makes

Tweed bow

Tweed bow

Super excited about this latest project for Gathered by Mollie Makes (out 21/12 – what a good date!). I’ve always wanted to do a tweed bow necklace but a combination of not having enough confidence (and not getting my Singer skills on) meant it had been sitting in my head for a while, crying like a puppy left outside a shop. Nice image…

Anyway, it’s (again) an easy make. Took me all of ten minutes more or less. You can sew it if you like, but I made mine from hemming tape. Check it out coming to an iPad near you this Friday

Tweedy goodness

Tweedy goodness

Knitted bow

Knitting – better than crochet, right?

Time to dig out the needles (my trusted bamboo lovelies) for a swift knitted bow. Yes, it’s floppy and would be much sturdier if crocheted – but I can’t crochet **sad face** No matter how many times I’ve tried to teach myself, or others have sat patiently with me, or YouTube videos watched, I just can’t seem to get my head around it. I think my main issue is that I can’t see the stitches – not like I can with knitting anyway. Also it doesn’t help that everyone who **can** crochet always comes out with the same, “Oh, but it’s eeeeeeeasy,” shenanigans. It’s not feckin’ easy, it’s really really difficult, m’kay? I am giving crochet one last chance. We have a really cool cover project coming up – basically, if I can’t learn to crochet with it, I’m never going to. It’s do or die for you and me, Crochet – do or die!

So anyway. This knitted bow. Perfectly wondrous in its un-crochetedness, dammit.

Gathered by Mollie Makes

It’s technically off-sale now – but then when is a digital magazine not on sale, huh? – but I totally should mention that one of my projects features in issue 4 of our sister magazine for iPad, Gathered by Mollie Makes. Utterly proud to be in there, as it’s my first ever published project. Having worked on crafting magazines (on and off) since 2005, I’ve been dabbling, doing my own thang for a bit (as you’ll see). All very slap dash and not really what you’d call conventional.
I’ve never been asked to do anything as far as freelancing goes – I’m not massively confident for one thing, and so I was rather thrilled to be asked to see if I could do some bow clips. Looked pretty simple to me, so I gave it a go and – tah dah! They’re uber-simple and really effective.
As you can imagine, I’m a much more confident crafter now, so much so that you’ll see a couple of my other projects coming up in Gathered soon.
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