Tweed bow necklace

Gathered by Mollie Makes

Tweed bow

Tweed bow

Super excited about this latest project for Gathered by Mollie Makes (out 21/12 – what a good date!). I’ve always wanted to do a tweed bow necklace but a combination of not having enough confidence (and not getting my Singer skills on) meant it had been sitting in my head for a while, crying like a puppy left outside a shop. Nice image…

Anyway, it’s (again) an easy make. Took me all of ten minutes more or less. You can sew it if you like, but I made mine from hemming tape. Check it out coming to an iPad near you this Friday

Tweedy goodness

Tweedy goodness


Appliqué hearts



As I’ve said before, my style of crafting has never been neat. Which is why I kick ass at applique – well, this a-seven-year-old-did-it-so-lets-pretend-it’s-good style of applique anyway. Framed up, they’ll work as nice little Christmas pressies (can you tell we’re having a thrifty Christmas in the Monty household this year?) and obviously they work wonders for using up your scraps.

I am rather addicted to this sort of thing right now… and can see here and here and here

Woodland fox applique

Woodland is huge right now – can’t move in New Look for owl jumpers, that’s for sure. I’ve always been a badger girl at heart, but this fat quarter more or less forced me to abduct it for cash, and so a fox was plotted.

He’s not finished yet – got the tip of his tail, face and ears to sort, but I like how he’s coming along. Tempted to transfer him to a jumper – but I have a badger planned for that. One day…