Chain bag

Jazz up a plain bag with some hardware

Jazz up a plain bag with some hardware

Happy New Year! Are we still allowed to say that? A busy Chrimbletide season for the Monty household. Lots of Christmas crafting, then a certain someone’s birthday, plus new year, so I’ve only really got back into the swing of things now, plus the Mollie team have been busy busy on our latest issue, hence the net silence. But onward!

One thing that’s been keeping me busy but is such a pleasure has been crafting for our sister iPad magazine, Gathered by Mollie Makes. You’ve already seen a sneak peak of the bow necklace from issue 10 and now here’s my chain bag from issue 9.

Massively simple, the only tricky bit is cutting (or getting a locksmith to cut) the chain to the right size. Then it’s just some glue gun fun. So simple, **I** can do it.

Look out for more goodies from me coming to an iPad near you…